White Pine County Tourism Awarded Destination Development Grant

Travel Nevada has selected White Pine County Tourism and Recreation’s proposed concept for its new Destination Development effort, the 3D Project. As part of the program, White Pine will become eligible for their share of a two-million-dollar award split among five other awardees from across the state. White Pine County Tourism and Recreation’s project aims to position the county as the year-round basecamp for outdoor recreation for visitors exploring eastern Nevada.

“We look forward to developing our unparalleled outdoor recreational treasures and sharing them with ever-widening audiences and creating a year-round destination rooted in our history,” said Kyle Horvath, White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Board Director

The project has multiple partners to see its fruition: the City of Ely, White Pine Main Street Committee, Baker Area Citizens Advisory Board, White Pine County School District, KGHM Robinson Mine, and East Ely Railroad Depot Museum, among others. “Together, we are working towards our vision of having a thriving community that is attractive and energetic while offering the most authentic attractions, small businesses, and experiences in the state,” Kyle added.

“As a small town in a big region, it’s important that we work together with the same goal to host visitors from around the world, we’re excited to be a part of this plan,” said Sean Pitts, director of the East Ely Depot Museum. “With the upcoming improvement to the museum’s freight building, we can expand programs for the public.”

Starting in January, the first Cohort of three 3D Project awardees, including White Pine County will begin receiving expert consulting services to help them create 10-year plans to develop their appeal to visitors and expand their economies through tourism. The second Cohort will begin their projects in September. Once the 10 –year plans have been completed, each community will qualify for a share of a $2 million fund to jump–start their plans.

The goals of White Pine County’s project are:

·         To be recognized as a premier destination in the west for diverse year-round outdoor recreation opportunities and experiences.

·         To have all county’s attractions, events, and quality-of-life assets partnered and working together cohesively to further a deeper and more enriching experience in White Pine County.

·         To develop the area as a basecamp and trailheads for adventuring out to experience all the assets in the county and has the infrastructure and aesthetic to be an energetic community gathering space throughout the entire day.

This groundbreaking award also opens new avenues of funding to see the project succeed. The main funding source to implement the concept will be transient occupancy tax collected in White Pine County but, in partnership, funding will also be available through White Pine Main Street, Great Basin Heritage Area, and in-kind contributions from the City of Ely and White Pine County. In addition to that funding, project partners will apply for all available grants that would pertain to the concept’s goals.

To read Travel Nevada’s Press Release on the Destination Development Demonstration (3D) Program, click here.