Museum director Sean Pitts, center, shows visitors old records at the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum in this 2016 photo by Romona Robbins.

Located on the grounds of the Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark, the East Ely Depot, built in 1905, stands sentinel over the vast railroad yards that moved people, goods and most especially the copper ores that electrified America during the Great American Century.

The Depot is operated by the Division of Museums and History and visitor’s experience what is was like, how it all worked, and what it took to keep a railroad operating day and night, 365 days a year in a hostile environment. Stepping into the Depot museum you time-travel back in time as you walk through the general offices of the railroad, including train dispatchers, crew chiefs, finance, medical, management and the company President.

Adjacent to the Depot, the Nevada Northern Railway Foundation provides guided tours of the rail yards, shops and facilities of the railroad. Seasonally, the Foundation operates various excursion trains to complete the visitor experience. For more on train rides, visit nnry.com.