New Senate Bill Targets East Ely Railroad Depot Museum

A new Senate Bill introduced this legislative session seeks to revise provisions related to the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum in Ely, Nevada. SB186 directs the State Land Registrar to transfer the East Ely Railroad Depot and Freight House buildings to the City of Ely and Nevada Northern Railway Foundation, Inc.

In 1990, the Depot and Freight House buildings and the archives of the Nevada Northern Railway were deeded to the people of Nevada to be held in trust by the State of Nevada. The Legislature established the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum in 1991, making it the only State Museum in Eastern Nevada.

Since then, Nevada has invested over $4 million to preserve and maintain the historic structures. The Governor’s FY24-25 Budget recommends two Capital Improvement Projects totaling $8.5 million dollars to continue the State’s program to restore the East Ely Depot and Freight Barn.​ $825,635 will be used to restore the Depot building’s foundation and $7.7 million is allocated for the Freight Barn.

Today, the East Ely Railroad Depot is a museum exhibit, archive, and library with 2.5 full-time employees. Museum Director Sean Pitts has worked in his post for 30 years and is a leading authority on eastern Nevada history. Thousands of school children, civic groups, and private citizens visit the museum each year.

SB186 is scheduled for a hearing with the Government Affairs Committee on Wednesday, March 15 at 3:30 PM in Room 2149 in the State Legislature Building. Representatives from the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Division of Museums & History, as well as the Nevada State Railroad Museums in Carson City, Boulder City, and Ely are expected to speak.

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